Hill stations

If you loved to enjoy chilling climate and green woods ,then hill stations are perfect destination for your vacation. Among the hill stations the most famous is Lambasingi ,where you can experience snow fall sometimes during winter season.

Borra caves
Borra Caves

Araku valley
Most popular and visited hill station in Andhra Pradesh is famous for its enchanting greenery, waterfalls and natural sceneries which offers you an opportunity to relax and enjoy breath taking view of natural treasures. It is situated 112 km away from vizag encompassing wonderful tourist spots like million years old Borra caves , Padmapuram Gardens,Tribal museum, Tyda park, Dumbriguda waterfalls. You can also find additional attractions of this hill station is endless lines of silver oaks ,estates of coffee , tea and an event Dhimsa dance which  is official dance of Visakhapatnam and is performed in valley by the tribes. Enjoying vacation in nature between waterfalls and greenery can re-charge batteries of ourselves which is always busy with works,targets etc., in regular life , hence it is always busy with visitors and became an attractive picnic spot.

How to Reach araku valley
We can each araku by RTC buses from vizag and by train. I would suggest to opt Train journey which is starts from Visakhapatnam to Araku junction. It is the best way  Which passes through many tunnels , greenery and you really enjoy the trip


Lambasingi - Visit and Enjoy in Hill stations
Lambasingi – Visit and Enjoy in Hill stations                  PC: traveldglobe.com

Lambasingi or lammasingi is popularly known as ‘Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh’. If you want to enjoy the chills and the essence of coffee and pepper then it is the Perfect getaways. Lambasingi is also known as Korra Bayalu, means if someone stays outside without cold climate protections like sweaters ,shawls etc., then they would freeze like a stick due to chilled temperatures.It is located at about 100 km from Visakhapatnam and situated 1000 meters above sea level.It is the only hill station in Visakhapatnam or we can say in south India where snowfall occurs in winter season with temperatures ranging between 00C and 100 C and some times it may dropped to below 00C , December and January are the most coldest months of the year in this hill station. Even in remaining seasons also sunlight falls on the ground only after 9AM in the morning and with low temperatures compared to surrounding areas.

How to reach Lambasingi:
You can opt bus or car transport from Visakhapatnam as it is nearest place to hill station.If you are from other states or countries you can reach to Visakhapatnam by Air or Rail accessible from the whole country.

Ananthagiri hills
Hill station with a great combination of the water falls and thick woods makes the ananthagiri hills where you can experiences moderate climate through out the year is a must visit hill station in visakhapatnam. Hills of anantagiri are named as Badrinath of the south because of the sacred lake Bhavansai .Ananthagiri is occupied with endless acres of coffee plantations which offers a wonderful memory to remember and more eye-catching huge water falls ,Muchkunda River and landscapes to makes tourists to forgot all worries and tensions. From here you can enroute to Araku valley which is one of the popular tourist spot.

How to reach Ananthagiri:

If you want to take trip through Train then you can select Srikakulam (3km) spot which is the nearest station to access this beautiful place.Even you can opt buses which are regularly ply from Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad.




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