PackNBUY Black Expandable Running Trekking Sports Waist Pouch with BLACK Zipper holds mobile iphone accessories keys

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  • COMFORTABLE AND BOUNCE-FREE RUNNERS BELT; fits snugly enough to always stay comfortably in place. No matter how rigorous your workout gets, this exercise belt is guaranteed not to bounce or ride up your waist.
  • WATERPROOF EXERCISE BELT; made with polyester with power stretch mesh gusseted pocket. In addition, the running belt has a waterproof zip for extra all-weather protection and safety for your valuables and essentials.
  • COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN; the runners belt design, with 1.6″ wide elastic belt and expandable pocket, is minimalistic for increased comfort during exercises. You will certainly not be burdened with excess bulk that disturbs your workout maneuvers.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE WAIST PACK; features an elastic belt that’s fitted with an adjusting buckle. The waist pack expandable storage belt is a one-size-fits-all for any waist size 22″ through 40″; it will definitely fit any waist. Ideal for running, jogging, hiking, and workouts.
  • AMPLE STORAGE; easily carry your iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy or other large Smartphone; plus other essentials like keys, supplements, bank cards, energy bars and inhaler. Perfect when running marathons or when going on a long active outing.Its elasticity can hold Mobile phone, keys, money and etc during your sport. Workout belt that holds money, smart phones, IDs , keys (fits most smartphone iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6 plus Samsung Galaxy Note S4 S5 S6 etc.).


PackNBUY, Running and Fitness Belt ( Waist Pouch)

This Waist Pouch allows you to take your Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or other Smartphone, as well as other items, with you while running, hiking, jogging, walking, cycling or working out. Made from Spandex, the unique bounce-free design keeps the pouch from moving during activity.

Storage Space While On The Go

The zippered pleated pocket expands to 8″ x 6″ x 4″ letting you easily carry your phone, keys, gel packs, credit cards or whatever else you may need for your workout. The weather resistant pouch provides a simple, elegant and fashionable solution for runners, hikers, walkers, cyclists, gym rats and travelers.

Small and Light

The pack accommodates people of all sizes as it is fully adjustable to accommodate waists of 24″ to 42″. The comfortable soft elastic belt prevents chaffing, while the sturdy buckle and glides provide stability for the most active users. Weighing less than 3 ounces, the PackNBUY Running Belt is so sleek you might even forget it is there!

The Running Belt has many benefits, including:

Doesn’t move, bounce or disturb you while exercising.

Accommodates multiple items that athletes need during races or workouts.

Compact design allows minimum bulge which can disturb exercise routines.

Product information

Technical Details
Color Black
Item Weight 41 g
Package Dimensions 25 x 20 x 1 cm
Shipping Weight 41 Grams
Item Part Number TRA66_507
Primary material Fabric
Capacity Standard
Footboard upholstery  Polyester


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