If you want to take a break from stressful days by short adventures in nature ,then trekking is a perfect choice.To make it more easier for adventure enthusiasts who are in search of new places ,we provided here a list of wonderful trekking places for relaxing day-off and click here to sign up and get more information regarding trekking in different places.


Tyda nature camp
Tyda nature camp also known as ‘Jungle bells’,a destination combination of adventures trek with peace and quite nature surroundings where you can enjoy and relaxed at the same time.It is located 30 KM away from Araku valley and present in a tribal village surrounded by a green jungle where you can also enjoy and relax your time by rock climbing and bird watching .

Enjoy Visakhapatnam Aerial view and Trekking
Enjoy Visakhapatnam Aerial view and Trekking

It is one of the well developed trek routes in Visakhapatnam and most popular place present within the city. Here you can trek the entire way or you can drive to top of the hill its up to your of the main thing is taking Ropeway to enjoy the amazing aerial view of Visakhapatnam and its beauty.

Katiki waterfalls
To reach this place itself is a adventures task because there is no transport facuility at the point of waterfalls. The trekking path is a slippery and narrower at sometimes with coldest water in waterfall. its not only a adventures but also dangerous trekking place.

If you are planning for first trekking then it is a best place and still considered as a picnic spot by families during weekends.It is a evergreen forest with biodiversity of flora and fauna.This trekking spot is located within the Visakhapatnam and can reach easily.Along with trek additionally you can enjoy boating and river crossing.

If you want enjoy a unplanned trek, then this pavuralakonda which means ‘hill of pegions’ is perfect spot.It is situated 24KM away from Visakhapatnam which is nearer to Bheemili. You can enjoy eye-catching spectular view of bheemili and bay area from the hills known as Bhuddhist monastery.along with trekking you can also enjoy by seeing different species of birds and pigeons which is perfect for you if you like bird watching.



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